Tree Father

Tree Father is an ancient and trusted spirit whose days of might and power are largely behind him. However, he is still called on and respected for his gifts of wisdom, as well as for his association with hunting and with the great forests. Other primal spirits and gods claim a part in the creation of the trees, but Tree Father’s accomplishment lies in the forging of bonds between trees and other living things to create the fores.

Tree Father is popular among all races except elves, whose own legends provide an alternative history of the great forests of the world. In lieu of conversing with Tree Father, elves who follow the spirit way interact with a host of forest spirits. Elves think of most forests as female and know the spirits in that form.

Tree Father Creates the Forest

In the earliest days, the land was rich with herds of great beasts.. The people hunted easily and ate well. The people ate and ate, and the beasts died and died at the points of hunters’ spears and arrows. Too soon, there were hardly any beats left to hunt.

Tree Father saw this and knew that something had to be done. He pulled the hair from his thick, green beard and spread it over the earth. By the weave of his power, the scattered strands of trees that spread across the land grew close together and were intertwined. Soon, there were forests of great trees, with more spreading all the time. The beasts ran into the forest and hid from the hunters.

In time, the beasts grew more numerous, and everyone knew it was a good thing. But hunting was tougher than it had been, for catching prey in the forest was hard work.

The people cried out to Tree Father: “You hid away the meat for our fires. Our children grow weak, and the people grow fewer. Take away the forests, so that we might find out prey once again.”

But Tree Father only smiled and shook his head.

Soon, the war of gods and primordials began. The people fled from the plains into the forests. There, Tree Father’s boughs and leaves kept them hidden. And so it was that the people relearned old lessons. The world is for all things, and when anyone can be prey for stronger hunters, it is good to know places to hide.

Tree Father

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