House Vadalis


House Vadalis is a human dragonmarked house throughout Khorvaire though their main operation is centered in the Eldeen Reaches having migrated there almost 2,000 years ago.

House Vadalis possesses the Mark of Handling. This mark grants various magical benefits related to calming and controlling animals. Vadalis has turned this into a booming trade in magebred animals. Everything from mounts, to guards to pets can be bought from Vadalis stables. In addition to its animal husbandry Vadalis stables are among the best in Khorvaire, and the house also provides lines of communication to outposts too small to feature a House Sivis enclave.

The humans of House Vadalis bear the Mark of Handling, which gives members a bond to natural creatures. The most significant business of the house is the breeding and sale of animals. Through use of the mark and primal magic, House Vadalis has developed the art of magebreeding—weaving magic into natural bloodlines, binding new strengths into mundane creatures. The Mark of Handling has also allowed Vadalis to domesticate creatures that few unmarked trainers could manage. If one wants a griffon mount or a warhorse with preturnatural strength and speed, House Vadalis is the place to find it.

House Vadalis is a family first and a business second. Although many heirs choose to work on one of the massive ranches, others prefer to wander the world, and are often found in places too small to support dragonmarked enclaves. A village with no Sivis message station might have a Vadalis heir who raises birds, using the Animal Messenger ritual to help his community speak to the outside world. Wherever they go, whether they work for a house business or find their own paths, Vadalis heirs arc expected to respect the bond of blood and to help one another in times of trouble; the family comes before all else.

The Mark of Handling has a primal aspect, and House Vadalis has produced a number of gifted druids. Over the course of the last century, the house has sought to strengthen ties to the druids of the Eldeen Reaches. The Wardens of the Wood are on good terms with House Vadalls, but the Ashbound druids despise the magebreeders, and have attacked Vadalis ranches on many occasions.

House Vadalis

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