The Eldeen Three

The Adventure So Far

Sessions 4+

The party made it to the Towering Wood in time for Oalian’s Call and spent some time talking with members of other Druidic Sects. Most importantly the party seemed to have struck an agreement with Old Owl and the Ashbound Druids: If the party can gather allies against Arcanix, the Ashbound will help.

With renewed resolve the party traveled south toward Breland, indending to cross the border into Aundair across the Blackcaps Mountains. On the way out of the Towering Wood they came across an area of decay created by a raging, blighted boar. The party put the boar down and discovered an arcane rune on its skin. Knowing Link lived in that region of the Wood the party went to him with the story of the boar and the rune. They left him with the information and continued on their way.

The crossing into Breland was a simple matter of opening a tree portal across the river. From there they avoided notice and safely arrived at the feet of the Blackcaps. While pondering the sheer slopes they met a melancholy goliath mountain guide. He reluctantly led them up the mountainside to his tribe and the party set out trying to convince the tribe to join their fight against Arcanix. But the goliaths had no interest in joining any fights and didn’t appear to have any interest in doing much else either, including mysterious goliath disappearances…

~FLASHBACK~ to the day Larjunge “Lars” Fulhet (a.k.a. Subject 2448) was first captured and thrown into a cell in Felastiri’s Laboratory. In the days afterwards he and Drazgal (a.k.a. Subject 9967) fought together in the trial arena and earned each others’ respect. When the day came for Lars to be dissected Drazgal quickly organized a prison break, freeing Lars and several other high-profile experiments, including Planto (a.k.a. Subject Plant-0). Drazgal, Lars, and Planto took advantage of an opening and sneaked into some ventilation shafts that eventually led them to the top floor of the compound. There they encountered the Warden blocking the exit…


Takinator AdonSiegel

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