Wardens of the Wood

Forest of the druids by luches

The largest and most influential of the druidic sects of Khorvaire is the Wardens of the Wood. The Wardens are primarily human but include other races.

During the Last War, the Wardens became the de facto governing body of the Eldeen Reaches after Aundair abandoned the region. The Warden’s rallied the people to defend their lands against bandit raiders and foreign nations with designs on their abundant woodlands and plains. The Wardens are respected and well-liked thoughout the Eldeen Reaches.

The Order seeks to maintain a balance between civilization and nature, and is in many ways the most liberal of the druidic sects. They have no problem with agriculture or animal husbandry as long as the land and its creatures are not ill-treated or abused. And they often work with farmers and ranchers to help them prosper while maintaining a proper balance with nature.

Wardens of the Wood

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