The party encountered Gerevax in Blackwater Cave after escaping the Arcane Congress. Blackwater Cave overlooks Wolf Paw and, as a child, Larjunge was told fairy tales of a troll that lived inside. According to the stories, the Wolf Paw villagers would offer the troll a feast every year to keep him happy in the cave.

The following was learned by reading Mimsy’s scrolls and the documents collected from Blackwater Cave:

In reality, the evil in Blackwater Cave was Gerevax, Lieutenant of a Nine Hells army. A thousand years ago cultists discovered an ancient tapestry depicting the devil and brought it to the manifest zone within the cave. The tribe of razorclaw shifters living nearby heard of the scheme but was not powerful enough to stop them. With no other option, the shifters turned to the Gatekeepers for help and they sealed the cave with primal magic. Every year since, the shifters gave an offering to the primal spirits to keep the seals strong.

The cave was sealed just before Gerevax emerged from the tapestry portal. Gerevax raged, but the seals held. Eventually he came up with a plan to break free from his prison, but it involved 12 sacrifices and there were only 6 cultists. Over the years he was able to sacrifice a few more people that wandered into his cave, including Liono, Larjunge’s childhood friend.

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