The Eldeen Three

Session 6

The party arrived in the town of Southshore, at the foot of the Blackcap Mountains on the border between Aundair and Breland. They sneaked into the town to eavesdrop on a town gathering, where the villagers were complaining about a recent rash of attacks and disappearances in lakeside towns. Many wanted to evacuate, but the town mayor was too dedicated to his town to entertain the thought. Without resolving anything, the villagers dispersed home.

Drazgal and Larjunge “Lars” Fulhet split up to get some information from the villagers. Lars learned that there have been reports of shark monsters walking out of the lake and attacking people. Drazgal learned that as dangerous as the shore was, the lake itself was even worse, and no one has felt safe enough to sail on the water in weeks.

Following a mysterious lead, the party went to the abandoned part of town where they were ambushed by Trust agents Korrash, Pippin, and ED-209. The Trust had intercepted reports of the strange things going on in and around Arcanix and were sent to learn first-hand what the Eldeen Three were planning. After a brief squabble the party revealed that they only intended to seek revenge on Arcanix and Felastiri.

Their mission complete, the Trust party left just as the group heard a terrified scream from the town by the shore.

The Mountain Arc
Sessions 5+

In the Mountain Arc, the party tracked down the source of the missing goliaths in the Blackcap Mountains. Their guide, Skywatcher, was constantly wracked by bouts of extreme lethargy and melancholy and proved to be entirely unhelpful when the party was ambushed by a pack of mountain tigers. But eventually the party was led to the valley that the latest missing goliath had been hunting in, where they found a hidden entrance into a mine shaft.

Deep down the shaft they reached the main hall, a massive, done-shaped room carved out of the rock. Despite the tracks they followed down the shaft the mine was apparently abandoned. As the party looked around the main hall the same feelings of lethargy began spreading through them. Determined to find its source they put their heads down and powered through.

First they explored the mine tunnels, where they eventually stumbled upon a group of troglodytes terrorizing a larger group of kobolds. The party stepped in and protected as many kobolds as they could, and Larjunge “Lars” Fulhet impressed them with a particularly bloody display of strength. Wanting to please this newcomer, the kobolds led the party into the deepest section of the mine, where whatever the miners were looking for was found. The only remaining sign of it was a large hole in a rock wall. Lars set the kobolds to search out whatever valuables they could find, and the party left went back to the main hall.

They turned their attention to a large stone door that seemed to be radiating negative energy. Inside they found living quarters for a few people and the bound leader of the goliaths, King Goran. They learned from the king that he had willfully become the prisoner of the Arcanix mages that ran the compound in order to protect his people; in return for his captivity the mages agreed to leave his people alone while they mined the mountains. But the mages went one step further: knowing the goliaths’ propensity for violence, the mages constructed a network of beacons in the mountain range that dampened their spirits and made them unwilling to fight. The mining had completed years ago, but the “gloom network” continued to be maintained from the compound they were in.

Resolved to free King Goran, the party marched deeper into the compound and confronted the pair working the control room: a mind mage and a wizard’s apprentice (later revealed as Felastiri’s niece). A battle broke out, in which a heavily armored warrior appeared in a nearby teleportation circle, wielding a flaming scimitar. The warrior and mind-mage occupied the party long enough for the apprentice to escape through the teleporter, but they were eventually defeated. The crew eliminated, the party was able to shut down the controls for the gloom stone, a piece of the Shadowfell itself magically amplified to project crippling sorrow through the beacons to anyone not protected from it.

The party spent some time digging through the station’s files and found locations and maintenance schedules for all of the other beacons. As the effects of the station dissipated, King Goran awoke from his stupor and led the party back to his tribe which welcomed them back as heroes. They spent the next few weeks traveling the Blackcap Mountains, destroying the remaining beacons and awakening the various goliath tribes. The goliaths only wanted to lash out against Arcanix, but the party convinced them to wait and train with Old Owl to learn about fighting mages.

Their mission in the mountains complete, the Eldeen Three set their sights on Lake Galifar.

The Adventure So Far
Sessions 4+

The party made it to the Towering Wood in time for Oalian’s Call and spent some time talking with members of other Druidic Sects. Most importantly the party seemed to have struck an agreement with Old Owl and the Ashbound Druids: If the party can gather allies against Arcanix, the Ashbound will help.

With renewed resolve the party traveled south toward Breland, indending to cross the border into Aundair across the Blackcaps Mountains. On the way out of the Towering Wood they came across an area of decay created by a raging, blighted boar. The party put the boar down and discovered an arcane rune on its skin. Knowing Link lived in that region of the Wood the party went to him with the story of the boar and the rune. They left him with the information and continued on their way.

The crossing into Breland was a simple matter of opening a tree portal across the river. From there they avoided notice and safely arrived at the feet of the Blackcaps. While pondering the sheer slopes they met a melancholy goliath mountain guide. He reluctantly led them up the mountainside to his tribe and the party set out trying to convince the tribe to join their fight against Arcanix. But the goliaths had no interest in joining any fights and didn’t appear to have any interest in doing much else either, including mysterious goliath disappearances…

~FLASHBACK~ to the day Larjunge “Lars” Fulhet (a.k.a. Subject 2448) was first captured and thrown into a cell in Felastiri’s Laboratory. In the days afterwards he and Drazgal (a.k.a. Subject 9967) fought together in the trial arena and earned each others’ respect. When the day came for Lars to be dissected Drazgal quickly organized a prison break, freeing Lars and several other high-profile experiments, including Planto (a.k.a. Subject Plant-0). Drazgal, Lars, and Planto took advantage of an opening and sneaked into some ventilation shafts that eventually led them to the top floor of the compound. There they encountered the Warden blocking the exit…

Deeper into the Crevasse, Part 2
Session 3

Walking cautiously into the cavernous room, the party studied their surroundings. In the center of the room, a massive obsidian column carved into the shapes of humanoids with outstretched swords reached up to the ceiling. On most of the swords hung several bodies in various states of decay. Larjunge recognized one body as that of his old friend Liono, and that most of the other bodies wore gold chains and what remained of black robes.

Drazgal was more interested in the black tapestry that hung over a wide stone slab covered in dried blood. As he inspected them for any obvious signs of a portal the creature in the hall sprang from the shadows and viciously attacked Planto and Larjunge before disappearing again.

The party launched into battle mode and searched out the invisible creature, attacking it heroically. The creature meanwhile darted in and out of visibility all while launching verbal attacks, especially on Larjunge and the Panthro Clan. A common theme of his taunts was that after killing the group he would be free again.

As the combatants traded blows, Larjunge used a power to turn invisible himself. In doing so he was able to see the creature for who he really was—Gerevax, a devil from the Nine Hells—and struck a solid blow but left himself vulnerable to a counterattack that knocked the shifter unconscious. Gerevax caught the body and began walking toward the pillar with the swords.

Planto and Drazgal knew what would happen next and tried everything they could to stop it, but by some trick of the (dice) gods their attacks failed and Gerevax mounted Larjunge’s body on an empty sword. As he hung on the sword dying, his blood ran down the column illuminating it in a fiery glow and sending a shudder through the cave. Gerevax seemed to draw strength from this and manifested the glowing crown and spectral blade that Larjunge had seen while invisible. Turning to Drazgal he spat, “One more.”

Planto and Drazgal, seeing their companion dying replied with renewed resolve. Planto shot his venomous thorns at Gerevax, staggering him briefly enough for Drazgal to strike him with an awesome four-strike combo that finished him off. As Gerevax crumpled and imploded back to the Nine Hells, the cavern shook violently. Drazgal helped Larjunge off of the column before gathering the gold necklaces and any documents lying on the stone slab. Planto tended to Larjunge’s wounds and he was quickly able to walk on his own. He collected the body of his old friend before the group ran out of the cave into daylight before it collapsed behind them. Looking down on to the valley below they saw Larjunge’s old village, Wolf Paw.

Larjunge was welcomed back into the village after explaining to the matriarch Mimsy that they had slain the evil creature of Blackwater Cave. A feast was held in celebration and in gratitude for bringing his body back Liono’s mother gave Larjunge her family heirloom that would have been given to Liono: Strikeback gloves that Liono’s father used to wear in battle.

The party spent a few days in Wolf Paw before Planto revealed a strange feeling he had been having ever since they left the Arcane College. He felt their spirits being pulled into the Towering Wood and convinced the others that they should go investigate. Not fully understanding, but also starting to get restless in the quiet village, Drazgal and Larjunge agreed.

6 gold necklaces with evil symbols (300g each to the right buyer)
Strikebacks (Larjunge)

Deeper into the Crevasse
Session 2

The party hiked deeper into the Wolfwood to escape their pursuers. Following Lars’s suggestion, they escaped into an underground tunnel straight out of his own nightmares. During the journey Lars had flashbacks of his childhood and the frightening tales the Panthro Clan would tell Blackwater Cave, which Lars believes the tunnel connects to.

Deep within the tunnel the party made it to an apparent dead-end: a large, round cavern with a waterfall that disappeared under fallen rocks. While trying to clear the rocks they inadvertantly disturbed a Black Pudding and its spawn, and narrowly defeated it before becoming its next meal. With the immediate threat gone the party explored a little more and found the remains of the last adventurer to make it this far at the bottom of the waterfall pool: acid-bleached bones, several gold coins and gems, and a magic dagger (+2).

Eager to leave the cavern the party makes it through to the tunnel beyond the cave-in. After a long, flat walk they make it to an obsidian archway, intricately carved with Supernal characters. Past the arch the room was large and seemingly well-kept, but with no signs of life. Except Lars could swear he heard laughter…

TO BE CONCLUDED (possibly on Friday)

1500g in coins and gems + 1 gold tooth worth 5 gp
+2 Magic Dagger

Escape into the Eldeen Reaches
Session 1

After fleeing the Arcane Congress in Arcanix, Aundair, Drazgal, Larjunge “Lars” Fulhet, and Planto crossed the border into the The Eldeen Reaches.

The party was pursued by hunters from the Arcane congress. After laying ambush and killing a group of hunters, the party decided to escape to Lars’s hometown in The Wolfwood. Planto cast his Tree Stride ritual to teleport the party from the Riverwood to the Wolfwood trying to escape the notice of their pursuers. In the Wolfwood, the party began searching for the sinkhole tunnel to get to Wolf’s Paw and escape the notice of the airborne hunters.


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