The Eldeen Three

The Mountain Arc

Sessions 5+

In the Mountain Arc, the party tracked down the source of the missing goliaths in the Blackcap Mountains. Their guide, Skywatcher, was constantly wracked by bouts of extreme lethargy and melancholy and proved to be entirely unhelpful when the party was ambushed by a pack of mountain tigers. But eventually the party was led to the valley that the latest missing goliath had been hunting in, where they found a hidden entrance into a mine shaft.

Deep down the shaft they reached the main hall, a massive, done-shaped room carved out of the rock. Despite the tracks they followed down the shaft the mine was apparently abandoned. As the party looked around the main hall the same feelings of lethargy began spreading through them. Determined to find its source they put their heads down and powered through.

First they explored the mine tunnels, where they eventually stumbled upon a group of troglodytes terrorizing a larger group of kobolds. The party stepped in and protected as many kobolds as they could, and Larjunge “Lars” Fulhet impressed them with a particularly bloody display of strength. Wanting to please this newcomer, the kobolds led the party into the deepest section of the mine, where whatever the miners were looking for was found. The only remaining sign of it was a large hole in a rock wall. Lars set the kobolds to search out whatever valuables they could find, and the party left went back to the main hall.

They turned their attention to a large stone door that seemed to be radiating negative energy. Inside they found living quarters for a few people and the bound leader of the goliaths, King Goran. They learned from the king that he had willfully become the prisoner of the Arcanix mages that ran the compound in order to protect his people; in return for his captivity the mages agreed to leave his people alone while they mined the mountains. But the mages went one step further: knowing the goliaths’ propensity for violence, the mages constructed a network of beacons in the mountain range that dampened their spirits and made them unwilling to fight. The mining had completed years ago, but the “gloom network” continued to be maintained from the compound they were in.

Resolved to free King Goran, the party marched deeper into the compound and confronted the pair working the control room: a mind mage and a wizard’s apprentice (later revealed as Felastiri’s niece). A battle broke out, in which a heavily armored warrior appeared in a nearby teleportation circle, wielding a flaming scimitar. The warrior and mind-mage occupied the party long enough for the apprentice to escape through the teleporter, but they were eventually defeated. The crew eliminated, the party was able to shut down the controls for the gloom stone, a piece of the Shadowfell itself magically amplified to project crippling sorrow through the beacons to anyone not protected from it.

The party spent some time digging through the station’s files and found locations and maintenance schedules for all of the other beacons. As the effects of the station dissipated, King Goran awoke from his stupor and led the party back to his tribe which welcomed them back as heroes. They spent the next few weeks traveling the Blackcap Mountains, destroying the remaining beacons and awakening the various goliath tribes. The goliaths only wanted to lash out against Arcanix, but the party convinced them to wait and train with Old Owl to learn about fighting mages.

Their mission in the mountains complete, the Eldeen Three set their sights on Lake Galifar.


Takinator AdonSiegel

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