The Eldeen Three


Session 6

The party arrived in the town of Southshore, at the foot of the Blackcap Mountains on the border between Aundair and Breland. They sneaked into the town to eavesdrop on a town gathering, where the villagers were complaining about a recent rash of attacks and disappearances in lakeside towns. Many wanted to evacuate, but the town mayor was too dedicated to his town to entertain the thought. Without resolving anything, the villagers dispersed home.

Drazgal and Larjunge “Lars” Fulhet split up to get some information from the villagers. Lars learned that there have been reports of shark monsters walking out of the lake and attacking people. Drazgal learned that as dangerous as the shore was, the lake itself was even worse, and no one has felt safe enough to sail on the water in weeks.

Following a mysterious lead, the party went to the abandoned part of town where they were ambushed by Trust agents Korrash, Pippin, and ED-209. The Trust had intercepted reports of the strange things going on in and around Arcanix and were sent to learn first-hand what the Eldeen Three were planning. After a brief squabble the party revealed that they only intended to seek revenge on Arcanix and Felastiri.

Their mission complete, the Trust party left just as the group heard a terrified scream from the town by the shore.


Takinator AdonSiegel

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