The Eldeen Three

Deeper into the Crevasse, Part 2

Session 3

Walking cautiously into the cavernous room, the party studied their surroundings. In the center of the room, a massive obsidian column carved into the shapes of humanoids with outstretched swords reached up to the ceiling. On most of the swords hung several bodies in various states of decay. Larjunge recognized one body as that of his old friend Liono, and that most of the other bodies wore gold chains and what remained of black robes.

Drazgal was more interested in the black tapestry that hung over a wide stone slab covered in dried blood. As he inspected them for any obvious signs of a portal the creature in the hall sprang from the shadows and viciously attacked Planto and Larjunge before disappearing again.

The party launched into battle mode and searched out the invisible creature, attacking it heroically. The creature meanwhile darted in and out of visibility all while launching verbal attacks, especially on Larjunge and the Panthro Clan. A common theme of his taunts was that after killing the group he would be free again.

As the combatants traded blows, Larjunge used a power to turn invisible himself. In doing so he was able to see the creature for who he really was—Gerevax, a devil from the Nine Hells—and struck a solid blow but left himself vulnerable to a counterattack that knocked the shifter unconscious. Gerevax caught the body and began walking toward the pillar with the swords.

Planto and Drazgal knew what would happen next and tried everything they could to stop it, but by some trick of the (dice) gods their attacks failed and Gerevax mounted Larjunge’s body on an empty sword. As he hung on the sword dying, his blood ran down the column illuminating it in a fiery glow and sending a shudder through the cave. Gerevax seemed to draw strength from this and manifested the glowing crown and spectral blade that Larjunge had seen while invisible. Turning to Drazgal he spat, “One more.”

Planto and Drazgal, seeing their companion dying replied with renewed resolve. Planto shot his venomous thorns at Gerevax, staggering him briefly enough for Drazgal to strike him with an awesome four-strike combo that finished him off. As Gerevax crumpled and imploded back to the Nine Hells, the cavern shook violently. Drazgal helped Larjunge off of the column before gathering the gold necklaces and any documents lying on the stone slab. Planto tended to Larjunge’s wounds and he was quickly able to walk on his own. He collected the body of his old friend before the group ran out of the cave into daylight before it collapsed behind them. Looking down on to the valley below they saw Larjunge’s old village, Wolf Paw.

Larjunge was welcomed back into the village after explaining to the matriarch Mimsy that they had slain the evil creature of Blackwater Cave. A feast was held in celebration and in gratitude for bringing his body back Liono’s mother gave Larjunge her family heirloom that would have been given to Liono: Strikeback gloves that Liono’s father used to wear in battle.

The party spent a few days in Wolf Paw before Planto revealed a strange feeling he had been having ever since they left the Arcane College. He felt their spirits being pulled into the Towering Wood and convinced the others that they should go investigate. Not fully understanding, but also starting to get restless in the quiet village, Drazgal and Larjunge agreed.

6 gold necklaces with evil symbols (300g each to the right buyer)
Strikebacks (Larjunge)


Takinator AdonSiegel

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