The Eldeen Three

Deeper into the Crevasse

Session 2

The party hiked deeper into the Wolfwood to escape their pursuers. Following Lars’s suggestion, they escaped into an underground tunnel straight out of his own nightmares. During the journey Lars had flashbacks of his childhood and the frightening tales the Panthro Clan would tell Blackwater Cave, which Lars believes the tunnel connects to.

Deep within the tunnel the party made it to an apparent dead-end: a large, round cavern with a waterfall that disappeared under fallen rocks. While trying to clear the rocks they inadvertantly disturbed a Black Pudding and its spawn, and narrowly defeated it before becoming its next meal. With the immediate threat gone the party explored a little more and found the remains of the last adventurer to make it this far at the bottom of the waterfall pool: acid-bleached bones, several gold coins and gems, and a magic dagger (+2).

Eager to leave the cavern the party makes it through to the tunnel beyond the cave-in. After a long, flat walk they make it to an obsidian archway, intricately carved with Supernal characters. Past the arch the room was large and seemingly well-kept, but with no signs of life. Except Lars could swear he heard laughter…

TO BE CONCLUDED (possibly on Friday)

1500g in coins and gems + 1 gold tooth worth 5 gp
+2 Magic Dagger


Takinator TitoElito

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